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50 years ago, Acapulco was Mexico’s most popular tourist destination. The city is still incredibly beautiful, and has plenty activities and things to do that will keep any tourist busy. Acapulco also has plenty of unique beautiful beaches located all along the bayside. In recent years, the newer resort cities have taken over as the go-to destinations for tourists, but that doesn’t mean that Acapulco has lost all its flair.

Later on, Acapulco was a very important port city for trade between Japan and the Western Hemisphere. Historically, Acapulco served as a naval launching point for Spain. It was a launching point for Hernan Cortes. He was able to rebuild his fleet here, and go on to sail north and discover much more of the Western cost of Mexico, and even up some of the Colorado River.

Acapulco is quite close to Mexico City, a mere 3 and a half hours drive. This means that Acapulco is a choice destination for not only tourists, but for much of the local Mexican population who enjoy the place as much as tourist.

Acapulco is situated in a natural bay, which makes it an ideal location for a whole variety of water sports and aquatic activities. Scuba diving, water skiing, and sport fishing are all incredibly popular in the region. Cliff diving, bay cruises, and snorkelling are also great activities to take part in due to Acapulco’s great location.