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Acapulco Mexico

Welcome to Acapulco in Mexico!

Acapulco is just one of over 60 official online guides covering the whole of Mexico. The name “Acapulco” comes from Nahuatl language Aca-pōl-co, and means “where were destroyed or washed away the reeds”. If you´re planning a trip to Mexico and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting or, if you´d like to visit […]

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The legacy of Acapulco

Acapulco’s Legacy Acapulco is still famous for its nightlife and still attracts many vacationers, although most are now from Mexico itself. The resort area is divided into two: The north end of the bay is the “traditional” area, where the famous in the mid-20th century vacationed; and the south end is dominated by newer luxury high-rise […]

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